US Citizenship Test Preparation
The US Citizenship Test includes three major parts:
Answering questions on the history United States

Answering questions on the history, development, economics, politics and culture of the United States. This part is aimed to assess the student’s basic knowledge of the USA overall development and main events

Personal experiences

Answering questions about personal life and experiences mostly related to the history of living in the USA, living abroad, the history of arrivals and departures, tax returns etc.

Written Assignment
This written assignment includes writing a few sentences dictated to the applicant by the officer. The candidate is required to understand them and write them correctly.
US Citizenship Test is the test usually taken by the green card holders who are applying for the American passport and want to be full citizens of the country.

To pass the test itself, the candidate has to have some knowledge of the US history, overall development, economics, politics and culture of the United States, its main events. The candidate is required to answer all the personal questions promptly and accurately to avoid any kind of confusion that can be caused by misunderstanding and incorrect interpretation.

Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with the language preparation as well as the preparation for the exam itself.



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