Preparation for TOEFL exam
TOEFL test is one of the hardest tests taken by international students applying to US colleges or universities regardless of their educational level. Each university or college in the US establishes its own minimum TOEFL passing score to get accepted into the program.

Despite the fact that TOEFL test is difficult for many international students, it accurately assesses their level of English and successful preparation for the test also prepares them for their future academic journey at US colleges or universities.

The test's duration is 4 hours, it is a computer-based test aimed to assess the student’s academic reading, listening, speaking and writing skills at least at an intermediate level. The break during the whole test is only 10 minutes. The highest score that the student can get on TOEFL IBT Test is 120.

Getting high score on TOEFL test requires good knowledge of the test’s structure, critical thinking skills, an ability to understand academic texts and lectures at a higher level, an ability to analyze and summarize academic material. In addition the test requires great academic writing skills, an ability to compare and contrast various points of view.

Another difficult aspect of TOEFL test is that the time given to the student to cover all the tasks is very limited, for some questions the student is given only 30 seconds to give an answer. In addition to great English language skills, a student should be able to think fast to get a high score on the test.

Our experienced teachers are ready to assist you not only with intensive English language learning but also with the effective preparation for the test itself revealing all the secrets, tips and strategies for passing the test.



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