CUNY Assessment Test (CAT) Preparation
CUNY Assessment Test is test taken by prospective students to get enrolled in one of the CUNY colleges in New York and other states.
This test is aimed to assess the student’s academic language, writing skills as well as Math skills. The CUNY Assessment Test consists of three major areas of assessment:
  • Reading Comprehension Test
    Multiple Choice Test in which you are supposed to choose the correct answer for each question based on the text offered for reading
  • Writing Section
    Writing the essay based on an abstract taken from a journal or article
  • Math Part
    Where you have to apply your basic and intermediate Math knowledge and skills to solve various kinds of problems
Each of the parts has a certain structure, requires excellent knowledge of language, academic writing and Math. The test is intended to be taken by the applicants of over 14 CUNY colleges and is designed to assess English language skills of international students as well. We are happy to provide you with the most intense English language preparation and assist you with the preparation for the structure of the exam within any deadline. In addition to that, we will be able to assess your real chances of success before taking an exam. We could also help you with the application process and your career choice.



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